Our Process


A cornerstone of our process is On-Going Management, and we provide this by utilizing our Individual Investor Web Site service and its “real time” reporting of your progress and accounts. 

Your Complete Picture
Reaching your goals and objectives are the reason you've come to us, and that's why we concentrate on fully understanding those things right from the start.

Tailored Strategies
Not every product or service will fit what you want to achieve, so we make sure to make recommendations that fit your individual situation. 

Your financial picture will change through the course of your life, so we continually review the plan we created at the beginning to ensure it's still working towards your goals. If it's not, or if your goals have changed, then we simply reformulate a strategy based on those changes. 

We believe strongly in using technology in our practice whenever possible, both to use our time together efficiently and to reduce the chaos of paper that can typically overrun a financial advising relationship between us and our clients. 

Strategic Partnerships
Our process also includes working with your other financial professionals – accountants, attorneys, or other. By understanding your relationships with them, we are able to better understand your financial picture comprehensively.

We also work with the following professionals on a regular basis in our practice:

Jennifer A. Lammers
Best & Flanagan LLP
60 South Sixth Street
Suite 2700
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Roy E. Wutz
8300 Norman Center Drive
Suite 530B
Bloomington, MN 55437


Entities listed here are not affililated with or endorsed by Royal Alliance.